Angela Durick

Angela Durick believes that successful real estate transactions come about as a result of clear & open communications, particularly on the needs and expectations of her client(s) and the market conditions.

Angela understands that every client has unique requirements and circumstances and that while the real estate process is a well trodden path, the journey to achieving a successful transaction will be different each time. Flexibility in being able to adjust schedules, combined with a high level of responsiveness to changing needs, are essential elements that enable Angela to provide her clients with the very best level of service and support.

No One Likes Surprises
So what does Angela do to avoid these or to minimize them if they occur? Simply put, it’s her methodical and meticulous attention to the real estate process, the client’s needs, and to those details that could easily delay or cause the transaction to fail. “You cannot be passive in this process, you need to be proactive, anticipate obstacles and have strategies ready to support the client as changes occur”.

Patience not Pressure
While others might push a client to quickly make a choice, so they can move on to the next client, Angela urges her clients to think it through carefully before making a decision. She’s also willing to discourage a choice if she sees trouble ahead such as issues that could affect her clients’ welfare in the future – and she gladly points these out along with the other reasons why a home would or would not work to fulfill their dreams, or where home “improvements” may not increase salability.
Angela sees this cautionary care and lack of pressure as the right way to treat clients. Her clients see it as extraordinary.

Real Estate Experience
When Angela moved back to the beautiful Silver Valley, her childhood home three years ago,she decided to re-enter the community as a real estate agent because she wanted to work with individuals and families helping them achieve their dreams of homeownership and introducing them to the home that she loves.
Real estate sales was the right choice. From licensing in 2010, and soon to become an associate broker at West Valley Realty, the journey has been swift and successful.

Angela thinks this is due in part to her dedication to her clients, and in part to her thirst for knowledge. She constantly updates her real estate skills with courses and has earned several designations along the way, including GRI, ABR, and SFR. She also studies and implements the latest technologies to effectively connect and communicate with buyers, and to provide the information they seek. Google Angela Durick and you’ll find her all over the web!

Life At Home
When not busy with real estate, Angela loves hunting and fishing – always with her husband Craig by her side. An avid snow skier as a child, she has recently taken up snowboarding at local Silver Mountain and is back on the slopes. Angela looks forward to enjoying life and all the Silver Valley has to offer with her husband, their combined family of four children, and their family dog Shilo, and would also love to share it you.